Record Cover Birthday Card

Record Cover birthday Card from AMODERNCINDERELLA.COMRecord Cover birthday Card from AMODERNCINDERELLA.COMRecord Cover birthday Card from AMODERNCINDERELLA.COMRecord Cover birthday Card from AMODERNCINDERELLA.COM

RecordCoverBirthdayCard_ICody and I started the tradition of giving handmade birthday cards early in our relationship, and although it can be difficult at times, I’m always pleased with the results. There is something so much more personal about a handmade card – knowing it was made for you and the love and time poured into it.

One of the first handmade cards I made him was a record cover from one of his favorite bands, Led Zeppelin. The gift was tickets to a cover band and a stop at the Yuengling Brewery on the way.

I started the project by browsing the record covers. I got lucky and found one with a few symbols on it that I could (fairly) easily reproduce. I thought about printing it out and making stencils out of the cut outs, but instead I drank half a bottle of wine and went to town hand drawing them (and redrawing, and redrawing, and redrawing…).  You can see in the photo I spent a lot of time getting the shapes right on scrap paper.

To make the actual card, I used a pizza box. I cut it down into three pieces – the front, back and a spine. Next, I covered each with glue and glued scrapbook paper on top.

The next step was to perfect the “font”. I copied the look of all the letters I could find in the Led Zeppelin font, then guessed on what the rest might look like. This took A TON of time, but was definitely worth it in the end. I have terrible handwriting, so having a guide pulled the look together and also made me write nicer and more consistently.

I used a lot of song titles and lyrics in the card to keep with the theme. I also cut out a hole on the inside right to represent the sleeve the record would go in.

To present the card, I laid it out with cupcakes and a zeppelin. I made the zeppelin by paper macheing two balloons, spray painting them, attaching them to chopsticks and propping the whole concoction in a bowl full of little gifts. I didn’t love the zeppelin, so I didn’t include any close ups.

Overall, I was really pleased with the card. The same concept could be used for many different record covers, and could be a neat way to remember a wedding song for an anniversary. What record cover would you make?


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