DIY Fresh Eucalyptus Wreath

Fresh Eucalyptus Wreath Tutorial from AMODERNCINDERELLA.COMFresh Eucalyptus Wreath Tutorial from AMODERNCINDERELLA.COMFresh Eucalyptus Wreath Tutorial from AMODERNCINDERELLA.COMFresh Eucalyptus Wreath Tutorial from AMODERNCINDERELLA.COMFresh Eucalyptus Wreath Tutorial from AMODERNCINDERELLA.COM

diyeucalyptuswreath_II’ve been seeing gorgeous Eucalyptus Wreaths for sale on Etsy and in the stores, and just had to make one for myself. One of our bathrooms has old 60’s tiles in green and blue hues, making it tough to find wall decor that looks right. The green of the eucalyptus matches perfectly, and the simple, yet a little wild, form is a surprising addition. Plus, it’s eucalyptus, so it smells great!

I was able to find the eucalyptus at my local florist, and was pleased to find it was super affordable at $3 a bundle. They had two different kinds of eucalyptus to choose from, so I chose a bundle that had a sprig of both. I wasn’t sure it would be enough, but it was actually almost too much! I also added some fake pussy willow to give little pops of white against the green. Overall, this wreath cost about $10 to make.


  • Wreath Form (I used a metal ring from my local craft shop)
  • Eucalyptus
  • Floral Wire
  • Wire Cutters
  • Other Fresh or Fake Greens (options)

First, strip the eucalyptus off of the main stalk. This part gets sticky, so make sure you working on a protected or easy-to-clean surface. I separated my eucalyptus into four piles – the main stalks, long sprigs, medium sprigs and short springs. Also prep any other fresh or fake greens you are planning on using.

Next, take the stalks and attach them to the wreath form with the floral wire. If I did this project again, I would probably trim the thickest parts off and throw them away as they were difficult to work with. I left the ends free as I was looking for a whimsical look.

I had a LOT of piles so I decided to make small bunches to attach around the wreath. For each bunch I took one piece of eucalyptus from each of my four piles, plus a pussy willow sprig, and attached them in bundles. If I hadn’t attached the sprigs in bundles, this wreath would have taken much longer to complete!

Work your way around the wreath with your bunches until you run out or the wreath is full. If you’d like your eucalyptus to lay completely flat once dried, you should allow it to dry laying down, and possibly with something on top of it to keep the leaves flat. I didn’t mind a little curl to the leaves, so I hung mine up right away.

Something to note is that the eucalyptus scent was VERY STRONG as it dried. For about two days, it was almost too much in our bathroom. Once dried, it was a much more pleasant amount of scent.

I bought the eucalyptus a few days before I actually made the wreath, so I put it in a vase. I really loved the way it looked, so I plan on buying more!



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