I’ve been living in my own reality show titled “A Modern Cinderella: One Girl’s Search for Love and Shoes” since I lost a shoe in my early 20’s.

Since then, I’ve found love and a lot of really great shoes, so this is the story of what comes after.

A flower-child by my mom’s description, I’ve never lost my lust for travel. When I’m not traveling or working at my professional marketing career, I’ll be in the garden, cooking, visiting wineries and breweries or crafting.


I have always loved crafting and creating new things. Whether it’s handmade cards, clever wreaths or soothing beauty products, every item I craft has a sense of whimsy.

My projects are a little more “fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants” than exact templates, but it’s a craft. If you wanted it to look like everyone else’s, you could just buy it at the store. If it’s not perfect, it’s still okay. You made it. It’s yours.

Thank you for indulging in my journey, and I hope you find a little magic along the way.



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